Sunday, April 19, 2009

PC Games the best games and our memories and what is happening now

When I first saw these games, I felt these,
I was exposed in this order.
Half - Life 1 - Phenomenal Game. Wow games can be 3D, I had only seen Super Contra on Mario previousely and could not imagine games in 3D. And I was directly exposed to Half-Life 1.
Age of Empires 2 - The Conquerors - This is the RTS.
Quake 3- It is so tweaked game, so fun wow
Vampire Maasquerade Redemption - Great Story.
Unreal Tournament 2004- Epic has got Alien TEchnology, so good looking with such a performance.
Half-Life2 -Phenomenal Interactivity, So Real and immersive
Star Wars - Knight of Old Republic - Graphics and story are amazing
NeverWinter Nights 1- Such a range of choices
Star Wars Battlefront - It is so fun
TES - Oblivion - Graphics with Real Time Combat
Crysis - Phenomenal Graphics, Random Play, View Distance, Realism
Fallout 3 - Immersiveness
Heretic 2- This old game has over 1600 animations for Corvus.
Deus Ex - This old game has amzing amount of features.

Can any one of this be said about any Console Game, They Come and Go, whereas PC Games has become our most Fond Memories, most Prized Posseesions, most Collected Games, Great Entertaiment, things we cannot forget.
I have given only few games phenomenal, but they were really phenomenal.

Keep reading this blog I will now continously keep promoting PC Gaming here. I am pissed off completely by the Unreal Tournament 3 which continously keeps annoying PC Gamers by its attitude. Note that epic got loads of popularity and money by PC Games. We made them and they are kiling us. Let us protest. We are in a Democracy.
Or still better do something.
JOIN ME - The Offline PC Gamer like you has bought his games with hard earned and saved money and who is being annoyed and overlooked these days.
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I am a Fantasy Novelist though. But still a human being like others.
Soon more will be on my website and very much more on this blog.
Of course join me means, raise your own inner voice, comment on my blog, other sites and forums, and become my friend also.

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