Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crysis and Halo 2

I am playing Halo 2 on PC and despite bad graphics, very sluggish mouse, it is a very fun and good game to play. I just wonder if it were made with CryEngine2 or Source Engine. I will again buy it if Bungie will do it.
It is not that PC is lacking games, but developers are overlooking the quality of PC port, or publishers tempering with titles (Gears of War?) to further their mean machine(XBox?).

Atleast Crysis and Half-Life 2 take full benefits of PC and are very awesome games(I am talikng of gameplay of Crysis, which is revolutionary/evolutionary, good and have high replayability). And both games look nearly photo realistic(What Half Life 2 did in 2003 was really awesome. and it still is one of best visual looking games)