Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unreal Tournament 3 has improved so much

UT3 has become far better game now since patch 2.0 and Titan Pack, and very enjoyable too. Its gameplay has become better then UT2004, but UI and customization options are still very bad. So now is the time to enjoy UT3 fully. Though visualy Crysis is the best, while it has good singer player gameplay it lacks bots in multiplayer and multiplayer modes in variety. It will very much like to see a conquest type game mode in UT3 like Star Wars Battlefront with 32-64 players, and all the modes of UT3 plus Conquest mode in Crysis. Also I am trying to make a mod for Battlefield 2 that will make it fast paced and similar too Star Wars Batlefront 2. Though finally I will like to see all the modes of UT3 and Conquest in my own game Nex Wars. Read specifications in the post below.

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