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Fix for Unreal TournamentT 3 Patch v2.0 bug offline profile saving

Solution Fix to for UT3 Patch v 2.0 bug offline profile saving
Solution Fix to for UT3Patch4 bug offline profile saving
Solution Fix to for UT3Patch 4 bug offline profile saving
Solution Fix to for Unreal TournamentT 3 Patch v2.0 bug offline profile saving
working best guarranteed Solution fix to for UT3 Patch v 2.0 bug offline profile saving

The solution is -
1.) Go to Folder SaveData in "Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\SaveData" on Windows Vista, or "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\SaveData" on Windows XP.
2.) You will see a file named "Player.ue3profile" in the folder SaveData. This is a binary file generated by Unreal Tournament 3 which saves your keyboard,mouse,player character,etc. settings.
3.) Keep this folder open and start a game of Unreal Tournament 3.
Goto settings menu, Change all the settings which you want. Click Apply button where you see it, for example on Video menu. When you are done Go to Main Menu, Select Instant Action, Now you will see the menu showing game types.
4.) Press ALT+Escape (Keeping ALT key pressed, then press ESCAPE Key) You will see the folders and UT3 game screen will be minimized and will be in taskbar. Go to folder containing "Player.ue3profile". "Right Click" on this file -> Click "Properties". Select "Read Only" check box on this page so that you see a tick mark in the box in front of read only -> click "Apply" -> Click "OK".
5.) Click Unreal Tournament 3 in Task Bar(Bar at the down of screen, place mouse at below the screen if you donot see it, if you have made it to hide). The game will again Start. Do what you want, play or exit.
6.) Now whenever you will start UT3 your settings wll remain saved, as UT3 cannot now overwrite your profile file as it is read only, and it cannot change read only permission as it is given by administrator of computer in Operating System.
7.) If you cannot change the read only settings you will need to login as a administrator or ask for sufficient permissions from your administrator. Search in Google for more info on this topic by key words "How to change read-only property file permission denied".
8.) Now if you want to again change some settings, you will need to
start Unreal Tournament 3 Game, Press ALT+ESCAPE, Goto "Player.ue3profile" file. change its read-only property, make it unchecked(you should see balnk box in front of read only), go back in UT3 game by clicking its name on task bar, change the settings you want,
again press ALT+ESCAPE, Goto "Player.ue3profile" file. change its read-only property, make it checked(you should see tick mark in front of read only).
Go back to UT3 game, Do what you want, play or exit.

Your those settings which remained saved earlier(like some video settings) can be changed normally anytime as this are saved in config files.
9.) All this steps actually make you manually save your profile settings, nad prevent UT3 from overwriting them.
10.) This soluton works on all Windows(Linux, Unix, Mac), will work for all patches and versions(even ut3v1.0). Will continue to work for v2.1 and other patches after it also.
11.) After looking at features of UT3Patch5 for UT3 v2.1 Beta3 I see that this problem is stil not corrected. May be it will not be done till UT3Patch6 for UT3v2.2, or whatever. This is such a simple solution that it will function all right.
12.) It may also hapen that this is done delibrately by epic for piracy and will not be corrected or will keep coming in new patches from time to time, since they seem to have taken a U-turn on PC Gamers(Just compare UT2004 to UT3, and u will see what I mean).
13.) Previous solutions on Epic Gear, UT3 forums do not work, which include something like typing net,etc. in dos window from run OR using previous saved game of UT3 v1.3 etc.

Only this solution works perfectly and took me 2 weeks to figure out after I got Titan Pack. Also every UT3 Patch is near 300 mb,you download it and this problem comes again, may also be corrected in some patch and the come again, use this fix when necessary.

14.) You will see from screenshots that my UT3 looks more colourful then previous colour sucked levels of UT3. The reason is that Titan Pack has improved Graphics and added more levels with natural bright colours and improved colouring in previous maps. but new maps are better looking and more colourful so definetly get Titan Pack and use my solution for offline profile saving till they fix this bug in some future patch. Also new levels are all very good making UT3 a lot better game. If this continues it will soon become good like UT2004. Hopefully they donot get U-Turn after this.

Only Unreal Tournament 3 is one game in fast Deathmatch type game since there is no Quake Arena, everything else is Battlefield.

There is no choice but to play Unreal, and epic keeps annoying us. Use this solution to get less annoyed. hee hee, and play the game. Let us see what happens in future.

It may also hapen that this is done delibrately by epic for piracy and will not be corrected or will keep coming in new patches from time to time, since they seem to have taken a U-turn on PC Gamers(Just compare UT2004 to UT3, and u will see what I mean).
Also id is not interested in even Quake5 for now. A Quake 6 Arena seems a far fetched dream even in mind of Jhon Carmack. Then again After Quake 3 there has been no competition for Unreal, and UT2004 was alone the leader on summit of fragging Gods, though still a very good game.

Wait for next Unreal Tournament or some other game or wait for Consoles to die down or atone down or PC to surge up as is Evitable and destined.

Note this incident - When Playstation 1 came out after Quake 1 many
people said that PC wil die. The After one week Jhon Carmack of id released "GLQuake" patch which made Playstation one games look like shit compared to Quake 1. And this myth died of death of PC.
This incident was told by Valve's Gabe Newel (A good PC Developer of Half Life Fame) in a interview.
Then Again Half-Life was Phenomenal in every respect when it came and completely changed everything, NeverWinter Nights 1 did the same for RPG, and Age of Empires 1 for RTS.

This myth has again surfaced due to lots of stupid PC developers who are fortunately out of busisness rapidly. Then EA hold the crutches of Piracy and many others. But Piracy cannot kill sales of good games like Deus EX nor can no-piracy save games lik Haze on Playstation 3. Also Killzone 2 is a best game on Playstation 3 but not the best game on all platforms. Comapre to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.
Haze developers are sold out, whereas Valve (Half Life) arranged 10 million dollars for marketing of Left 4 Dead and are still doing good.
The Witcher is doing very good as a first project of unknown Polish developer. Though famous developer of Haze are sold out.

It Looks like the Myth of Death of Pc has again surfaced and the Storm of even CRYSIS, Half-Life2 Episode 2 also cannot kill this myth. But somethiing is sure to happen soon, as this just a strt for a tornado and if a need be even a Super Nova. It remains to be seen though who will cut the Cake of PC Gaming.

You can get Gameplay on every Platform but you can get Amazing, Great, Phenomenal Graphics only on PC, the best advantage. good looking things are instinctily like dby human beings.
PC is light years ahead even if you have a cheap Graphics card like Nvidia 8600GT on Windows XP.
Buyers will get more clever and informed in time to come and will throw the consoles out. Already anybody who has seen Crysis being played at Very High on Nvidia- 8800 GT Graphics card(still cheap now a days) has got Unconscious.

Just wait till something else agin comes which will burst the bubble or a steady stream of good titles which will kill the myth. The equal Graphics Quality of all games on all platforms this days is delibrately done by lazy developers. Surely they are killing Innovation and Spirit of Science. But it will just take one Great Game to Demolish this Death of PC Myth.
Just wait for Supernova, Somebody will get sufficiently pissed and will do it.

Many Video settings are stored in Config files which are saved when you exit the game. But the settings of the profile are overwritten every time you start Unreal Tournament 3. This is a bug, which was present in UT3v1.0 but corrected in UT3Patchv1.1 and was ok till patchv1.3. Then UT3 Titan pack came ( Which IMHO is very very good ), and Ut3Patch4 also came which made UT3 version 2.0 or also called "Unreal Tournament 3 Black Edition". And due to some other bug again this problem of not saving your settings in profile came up. It does not happen if you have a Online profile, you Login and change the settings. But you are not a Pirate and you legally paid money to support epic which first blundered with UT3 and then actually has improved UT3 over time, and Titan Pack is a good step in right direction. With Titan pack the game gets 19 maps, lots of fixes and wditions, and it has become lot more enjoyable. But many people are annoyed with profile saving problem when they play offline. It is to be noted that according to survey of epic majority of players play Unreal series games offline.

If you are really angry at PC game developers, wait for a long time till I complete my Own game with play similar to unreal and much more. Full details will be soon on this blog or a link will be given for its webpage.
SEE NEXT BLOG POST after this for FULL DETAILS for now

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