Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review of new games

I completed X-Men Wolverine's Origin and it turned out to be a funny game overall. Now I am completing Halo 2 and after that I think of Gears of War 1.(recently I downloaded a patch which will save the save games in My Games folder instead of in a windows live account. Halo 2 also does that, and if u format your computer, which I do lot often, all the save games are lost of Halo 2 and Gears of War. Putting save files for Halo 2 says damaged profile and Gears of War save games could not be found.) Really I am thinking Microsoft is itself killing PC gaming at the cost of XBox360. Windows for live is pathetic and Games for Windows tend to have Save file issues lot of times. It was so easy with quake 2 which saved directly in installed location. Luckily all are not fools and steam games like HL2 also tend to store in installed location or documents folder. Losing save files is really stupid and inability to save them and restore is really bad. I have 2 dvds full of only various save games. Then there is the problem of mouse sensitivity and Quick save on PC ports of console games. Even UT3 got dumbeed down for Consoles and "looks and feels real(y) like a PC port of console game" to quote Unreal demo movies.

RAGE is developed primarily for consoles and Tim Willits will scream at id if anyone is found using mouse and keyboard(like Steve Balmer).

And Supreme Commander 2 on XBox 360(imagine playing RTS without mouse, if not impossible it is certainly less fun) Already there are lots of dumb average shooters, which one plays and then try to get rid of DVD, not collect it in collection like Half-Life series. People even have Doom disks in collection.

I bought ARMA 2. Really the Island is very big, massive scale, But game is too much miltary simulation and less fun. It feels more like GRAW but on lot big scale. But again many people like serious game like ARMA 2. It has one big city and some villages. But you cannot enter many buildings(Open World). Oblivion is more open then.
It clearly seems that RPG gameplay is more suited to games with very large levels. Graphics are less then Crysis say 60% of Crysis. It seems Crysis will still remain the pretiest game(And it is actually quite fun till one fights aliens). I tried Far Cry 2 once again but again I am feeling bored.

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