Monday, August 17, 2009

New RAGE trailer

id software has realeased a new trailer of their new awefully awesome truly freeform in body but not in spirit game called RAGE. The salient points were -
(The ? marks are for views I am not so sure or undecided)

-- The Good --
1.) Shooting is very good and fun and enjoyable.(Like Halo?). Machine gun looks very similar to very good machine gun of Far Cry 2.
2.) Physics is just mindblowing(Comparable to Havok 2.0 like Painkiller?) Still good. Still not better then Crysis.
-- The Bad --
3.) Facial Animation is just ok(But a lot of time is left in release so they may improve it. Interestingly Animation is very good in Crysis(Better than Half-Life 2) but Faacial Aniamtion is far less then Half-Life 2. But this looks more due to bad Art work and low artist effort for animating faces. As the face animation toll in Sandbox was very good complete with features. Still acuracy of Facial Expressions is still the best in Half Life 2 and its Episodes(But other aniamtion as a whole does not feel so smooth)
4.) Story does not seem to be much as required for a good Role Playing Experience. In fact tehre does not seem much variety other than - I am bugged by Mutants, kill them I give you money. For Ex. A quest in Neverwinter Nights was to get the true name of mephistopheles(really different).
-- The Very Bad --
5.) AI - If you see any AI in monsters apart from running and jumping then you sure have good eyes, better than Legolas.
6.) -- Graphics -- Yes it is very bad even considering todays satndards, and this game is still a year from release at a minimum. Yes Graphics of RAGE are very bad. They look like Underpowered Unreal Engine Mock Up, except in Outdoors(where Unreal Engine is just a frightened cat). Megatexturing is nothing compared to Very Accurate Shaders for Materials as used in Half Life 2 and Crysis. Atleast a Brick should have light reflectance of a brick and not of tin be it a brick of any planet or dimension, or otherwise it is not brick. Basic Physics of grade 10.
Graphics are ok but when RAGE will release they will not look so great for a 20 GB game.

RAGE is not better than Crysis in any way. And Crysis has been already released for over a year now. And now it runs good on present day hardware also.

If this continues I donot see any future for id tech 5 and RAGE. RAGE still will be a fun game, but not a very good game.
Seperate Wheat from Chaff and you may see that Half-Life 2 was a incredible game even with 6 years development time, but nobody has remembered Quake 4 now, and Far Cry 1 is also rapidly going in Oblivion. But will you forget SWKOTOR ever if you played it.

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